Guest Members FAQ:

* How do i sign up to become a member?

Answer: Easy enough just go to the "Sign up" button and press Facebook or enter your email address and create a password. Most people use Facebook so they don't have to remember a password or upload a photo.

* What's in it for me?

Answer: You will be able to search for Smoke Friendly Accommodations, businesses and events in your City or wherever you may travel and get special discounts on many smoke friendly products and services.

* Do i have to be over 18 yrs old?

Answer: Yes. And in some cases 21 and over if you enter some of our smoke friendly business advertisers links.

* How do i book a room or house/apt?

Answer: Once you are a member and we verified your email address and age, you will be able to communicate with all the smoke friendly hosts that advertise through us.

The host and/or government may require you to be a certain age to book certain accommodations. If you are booking for multiple people they also will have to be members and age appropriate before host may agree to let you book.

* I don't want anyone to know i smoke.

Answer: We understand your privacy is important and you may remain anonymous to the host by contacting us so we may create a special account for you.

Through this special account, one of our executives will collect your personal information and sign a confidentiality agreement. If necessary each host that you may select will also sign a confidentially agreement prior to booking. All these steps will incur a service fee


Host Members FAQ:

* How to list my Space? (Personal Property or Shared Room Only)

Free listing for non-business entities

*How to list my Smoke Friendly Business or Event? (Fees may Apply)

* I don't want anyone to smoke in my house.

Answer: Many host have restrictions and will not allow anyone to smoke indoors and all guests understand and respect those wishes. You only need to provide a safe covered space in your backyard or balcony for them to enjoy a puff or two.

* I saw my business listed on SmokeHost.

Answer: Yes, smokehost is also a directory and has a team that reviews smoke friendly businesses. We place free basic listings and sometimes will give a review regarding the product or service provided. You may contact us at any time to modify or remove that free listing or you may decide to place your own advertisement and be in control of all the options provided including SEO which will add more exposure to your business.